List of Films

Yuri’s Day (Yurjev Den’)

Director: Kirill Serebrennikov

Script: Yuri Arabov

Camera: Oleg Lukichev

Production Design: Yuri Grigorovich

Cast: Ksenia Rappoport, Roman Shmakov, Yevgeniya Kuznetsova, Sergey Sosnovsky

Producers: Natalya Mokritskaya

Production: "New People"

2008, Russia, 120 min

Yuri’s Day is a mystical drama directed by Kirill Serebrennikov ("Playing the Victim") produced after the script by Yuri Arabov, long term coauthor of Alexander Sokurov. In the film a well-known opera singer comes with his student son to the native, ancient town Yurjev-Polsky to say goodbye before their departure to Germany for a permanent residence. But during an excursion at the monastery her son mysteriously disappears. And the singer, a metropolitan creature, is compelled to stay for a long time in the small town to become closely acquainted with its inhabitants and customs and hoping that her son will be found. Ksenia Rappoport as opera diva received the Award for the Best Actress at the National Film Festival "Kinotavr" in Sochi.

Hitler Kaput! (Gitler Kaput)

Director: Marius Veisberg

Script: Marius Veisberg

Camera: Irek Khartovich

Production Design: Alexei Levchenko, Mikhail Levchenko

Music: Vladimir Sayko

Cast: Pavel Derevyanko, Anna Semenovich, Yuriy Galtsev, Yuriy Stoyanov, Kseniya Sobchak, Mikhail Galustyan, Anfisa Chekhova, Timati

Producers: Sergei Livnev

Production: "Leopolis"

2008, Russia, 90 min

Hitler Kaput! is a spy comedy directed by Marius Veisberg and produced by Sergei Livnev. Created in a style similar to Mel Brooks and the Zucker Brothers, the film centers around Russian super spy, Shura Osechkin, nicknamed Shurenberg, in a fascist den. The film follows Shura and his desperate attempts to rescue a beautiful radiowoman who has been arrested by Gestapo. The film’s soundtrack features many stars of Russian rock, including rock band Leningrad and Garik Sukachov.

Indigo (Indigo)

Director: Roman Prygunov

Script: Alexei Timm, Valentin Spiridonov

Camera: James Gucciardo

Production Design: Eduard Galkin

Music: Arkady Ukupnik

Cast: Ivan Yankovski, Michael Efremov, Maria Shukshina, Gosha Kutsenko, Artem Tkachenko

Producers: Renat Davletyarov, Akexander Kotelevsky, Mikhail Mikots

Production: VOX Film / Real-Dakota

2008, Russia, 95 min

Indigo is an adventure thriller about ordinary, urban teenagers. But they also are Indigo - people of the future. They feel danger, understand language of animals, read thoughts, and remember their previous reincarnations. But suddenly these children begin to vanish mysteriously, one by one. Their ominous enemies have their own plans for the future. Indigo should fight for their freedom. Director Roman Prygunov (“Stereoblood”, the serial “The Motherland Waits 2”) has invited both young debutants and stars Michael Efremov, Maria Shukshina, and Gosha Kutsenko into his film.

Mukha (Mukha)

Director: Vladimir Kott

Script: Vladimir Kott

Camera: Evgeni Privin

Production Design: Oleg Ukhov

Music: Anton Silaev

Cast: Alexei Kravchenko, Alexandra Tiuftey, Sergei Selin, Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, Alexander Golubkov, Konstantin Poyarkin

Producers: Evgeni Gindilis

Production: Production Film Company Tvindie, NTV

2008, Russia, 107 min, col., 35 mm, 1:1.66, Dolby SRD

Mukha is the nickname of Vera Mukhina, a 16-year old schoolgirl from a small Russian town. Mukha takes boxing classes and settles her own problems, forgiving neither peers nor adults for their mistakes. After her mother dies, her father suddenly enters Mukha’s life. Fyodor Mukhin, a trucker, opens the door with his own key, puts his toothbrush in a cup and starts living in her house.So her father did not get burnt alive in a tank, as Mum used to tell. He just failed to show up before. It’s enough for Mukha to declare war on him.

- BEST FILM award and Alexandra Tyuftey – special mention of the jury at XI Shanghai International Film Festival, China
- 3d prize "Bronze Taiga" at VI International Debut Film Festival "Spirit of Fire", Russia


История о выборе, который однажды делает каждый: между своей свободой и ответственностью за другого. Муха – Вера Мухина, старшеклассница из глухого городка, занимается боксом и сама решает свои проблемы, не прощая ошибок ни ровесникам, ни старшим. После смерти матери в ее жизни неожиданно появляется отец. Федор Мухин, водитель-дальнобойщик, внезапно узнает, что у него есть дочь. Ему предстоит доказать, что он ей нужен; найти дорогу к жесткому миру подростков, который не принимает чужих и не жалеет своих... Он открывает дверь своим ключом, ставит в стакан свою зубную щетку и начинает жить в ее доме. Оказывается, папа не сгорел в танке, как рассказывала мама. Его просто до сих пор не было. Раз так - она объявляет ему войну...

- Приз за лучший фильм на МКФ в Шанхае -2008, Китай
- приз «Бронзовая тайга» на VI МКФ «Дух огня» в Ханты-Мансийске, Россия

Terra Nova (Novaya Zemlya)

Director: Alexander Melnik

Script: Arif Aliev

Camera: Ilya Demin

Cast: Konstantin Lavronenko, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Marat Basharov, Sergey Zhigunov, Andrey Feskov, Sergey Koltakov

Producers: Anton Melnik

Production: "Andreevskiy Flag"

2008, Russia

Terra Nova is an anti-utopia film directed by the debutant Alexander Melnik. In this Suspense thriller, the viewer is sent into the future to a desert island in the North of Russia. It is on this deserted island that serial killers from different countries have been banished and are doomed to face the fierce struggle for survival. One of the most expensive Russian films with a budget of twelve million dollars, Terra Nova was shot in locations around the world such as Russia, Malta, and Spitsbergen.

The Captive (Plennyi)

Director: Aleksey Uchitel

Script: Vladimir Makanin

Camera: Yuri Klimenko

Cast: Vyacheslav Krikunov, Petr Logachev, Irakly Mskhalaia, Julia Peresild

Producers: Aleksey Uchitel

Production: "Rock"

2008, Russia - Bulgaria

At the 43-rd International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, Aleksey Uchitel ("The Diary of His Wife", "Walk", "Space as Premonition") received the Award for Best Director for his film The Captive.
Scripted after Vladimir Makanin's story "The Caucasian Captive" The Captive takes place during wartime in the Chechen Republic. Federal troops get stuck in a mined gorge and two Russian soldiers take a young Chechen insurgent captive and force him to show them a safe passage.

The Prank (Rozygrysh)

Director: Andrey Kudinenko

Script: Alexander Kachan

Camera: Pavel Kulakov

Cast: Noize MC, Dmitry Duzhev, Sergey Yushkevich, Irina Kupchenko, Yuri Kuznetsov, Yevdokiya Germanova

Producers: Pavel Lungin, Olga Vasilieva

Production: Pavel Lungin's Studio

2008, Russia, 120 min

The Prank Pavel Lungin's producing studio offers a remake of Vladimir Menshov’s youth film shot in 1976. Once again the film takes place at an ordinary Moscow school with morals and manners. A new pupil from the provinces comes to a graduation class and breaks all dispositions and challenges the recognized leader, arrogant guy from a rich family. To restore the leading position he resorts to desperate measures and subjects the young and inexperienced English teacher to a cruel hoax. Scandal flares up and the head of studies wishes to expel the insolent fellow from the school. Popular musician Noize MC plays the leading role.

Heavy Sand (Tyazhelyi Pesok)

Director: Anton Barshchevsky

Cast: Irina Lachina, Dmitry Kharatyan, Alexander Baluev, Olga Budina, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Larissa Udovichenko, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Yuri Solomin

2008, Russia

Heavy Sand is a family saga based on Anatoly Rybakov’s well-known bestselling novel published in 39 countries. In the center of young director Anton Barshchevsky’s film ("The Moscow Saga") is the history of a half-German,half-Jewish , Yakov, and a Jewish woman, Rachel, and their love that has withstood inconceivable tests during the Holocaust. Yakov comes from Switzerland to a small shtettle in the Ukraine, where he has been caught by Nazi occupation. The epic narration covers the entire 20th century and appeals to the 21st century. Irina Lachina, Dmitry Kharatyan, Olga Budina, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Larissa Udovichenko, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Yuri Solomin star in the film.

Four Ages of Love (Chetyre Vozrasta Ljubvi)

Director: Sergey Mokritsky

Script: Alexei Golovchenko

Camera: Alisher Khamidkhodjaev

Cast: Liya Akhedzhakova, Igor Yasulovich, Yulia Rutberg, Aleksey Serebryakov

Producers: Natalya Mokritskaya

Production: "New People"

2008, Russia

Four Ages of Love is a melodrama split into four short stories. The directorial debut of cameraman Sergey Mokritsky, Four Ages of Love is about people of young, mature, and venerable ages as their feelings are tested by the difficulty of life’s realities. In one of the short stories very young heroes endure a love affair, but nearby there are fights. In another short story the audience feels the strength of parental feelings as a mother and father go to a monastery in search of their son who is missing in the Chechen War. Liya Akhedzhakova, Igor Yasulovich, Yulia Rutberg, Aleksey Serebryakov star in the film.

Wild Field (Dikoye Pole)

Director: Mikhail Kalatozishvili

Script: Pyotr Lutsik and Alexei Samoryadov

Camera: Pyotr Dukhovskoy

Production Design: Sergei Avstrievskikh

Music: Alexei Aigi

Cast: Dolin, Roman Madyanov, Alexander Ilyin, Irina Butanaeva

Producers: Sergey Snezhkin, Sergey Melkumov

Production: Mikhail Kalatozov Fund and the Barmaley Film Studio with the Support of the Russian Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography

2008, Russia, 104 min., DOLBY DT, 35 mm, 2,981 m, 1:1.85, color, drama

An ethnographic action from director Michael Kalatozishvili. A young doctor comes to work in the Kazakhstan steppe. He moves to a house in a remote settlement located two hundred kilometers from Alma-Ata, a former capital of Kazakhstan. Local residents start to come to the new doctor not only for medical aid, but also to tell him about their problems, pleasures, and misfortunes. The protagonist waits for his bride who should be arriving from the big city. Soon the girl comes, but as it turns out only for a short time. The leading role is played by young actor, Oleg Dolin, who also acted in the role of the architect in the film Peter FM.

Mitya, a young doctor, lives and practices medicine in the middle of the steppe. Although it appears barren, patients frequently arrive at his home-office – one man’s heart has stopped beating from heavy drinking, another’s cow is dying, a young couple are bleeding to death from stab wounds. A local policeman, the only government authority in this vast region, is also a frequent visitor to the doctor. Mitya’s fiancée comes to visit him too, but as it turns out, it’s not for long. All the while Mitya senses something disturbing lurking nearby, a force that ultimately makes an attempt on the doctor’s life. The wild field sees him off, but maybe it is not to die.