Mikhail Kalatozishvili

Art director, screenwriter, and producer.
Born in 1959 in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Since 1973 he’s been living in Moscow. Mr. Kalatozishvili is a member of the Russian Cinematographer’s Union. He graduated from the Directing Department of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in 1981, after which he worked as an art-director at Gruzia-Film Studios (1985-1991) and Lenfilm Studios (1994-2000). Since 2000, he has been the president of the Mikhail Kalatozov Fund, a non-profit fund for the support and development of national cinematography.

1981 Mechanic ("Mekhanik") – feature – screenwriter, director
1992 The Beloved ("Rcheuli") – feature – co-screenwriter, director
Berlin, Telluride, Chicago, Montreal IFF, Bergamo FF
Best Director Award, Pescara FFl
Special Jury Prize, Madrid FF
2000 Mysteries ("Misterii") – feature – co-screenwriter, director
Madrid IFF
2001 I Dream of Hunchbacked Tiflis ("Mne Tiflis Gorbatyy Snitsya") – doc. – director, producer
2001 Two Atoms ("Dva Atoma") – doc. – screenwriter, director, producer
2004 S.O.S. – feature – producer
2005 Lovitor – feature – producer
2005 First Under God ("Pervyy Posle Boga") – feature – producer
2006 A Film About Mikhail Kalatozov ("Film o Mikhaile Kalatozove") – doc. – producer
2007 Vanechka – feature – producer
2008 The Killer’s Trap ("Kapkan dlya Killera") – feature – producer